Frequently Asked Questions

Can't Wait to get out on the water and enjoy Summer?

Here are some tips for smooth sailing.  Before you begin, we cannot rent to anyone who cannot swim.  A life jacket can help you float; but it cannot guarantee complete safety.

Q.  What are the first things to keep in mind to get started?

A.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Decide on the details.  Date and time plus your contact number, how many people are coming along with you, what you will rent, and how long will you and your group stay out.
  2. You can drop-in (all are welcome to do so) and see if there is any equipment available; but, it's a better idea to call and make a reservation by phone or on-line.  This way we have everything ready for you and/or your group.
  3. Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked time.  If you reserve for 11:00 a.m., for example, time spent for parking, setting up your area, filing out our waiver, and paying might take 15 minutes or more.  So, make sure you show up at 10:45 a.m. in order to be out on the water at 11:00 a.m.

Q.  What do I do if I'm running late for my reservation?

A.  Please call -- Reservations are held for 15 minutes unless we are notified.  We will try to reschedule your appointment for a later time.


Q.  What payment type do you accept?

A.  We accept cash & credit with your driver's license.


Q.  What if I want to stay out longer?  Can I pay when I come back?

A.  You are responsible for your time, so please wear a waterproof watch or take your phone.  We sell waterproof pouches for your usage.  We accept payment before you go out on the water; for that reason, you need to come back at the agreed time as a late fee will apply.  We can then re-schedule you if someone else is not waiting to use the equipment when you come back.


Q.  How do I know that you received my reservation if I booked on-line or called and left a message?

A.  Always wait for a confirmation e-mail or call.  If you didn't get one, call us before you leave.


Q.  What if I book on-line or call and pay with a credit card in advance -- and the weather turns bad for that date, or I have to change my plans?

A.  If you must cancel your reservation, please get in-touch with us at least one hour in advance; so, we can re-schedule you or issue you a refund.


Q.  Do I need a lesson to paddleboard?

A.  You do not need a lesson to paddle board.  You must know how to swim.  We will provide you with a life vest and a paddle and explain our rules of safety.  If you decide to learn more about technique and maneuvering, we will forward your request to two expert instructors in the area who will be able to work out a lesson for you.


Q.  What are your rules and regulations?

A.  We recommend that you wear shoes that are skid proof and waterproof.  If you step on a sharp object or slip, it will be at your own risk.  Please wear sunscreen.  We also sell dry bags (waterproof pouches); so, you can definitely bring your keys, watch, or phone.


Teenagers over 15 years old, but under 18 years of age, need a parent or legal guardian to sign for them if they want to go out alone.  We will not let an 18 year old sign for a 17 year old -- you must be a parent or legal guardian.  Any child under 15 has to have a parent go out with them.  We do not allow infants or toddlers on our equipment.  The earliest age is 7 yrs. old; and, again, a parent must go out with them.  Everyone needs to know how to swim and must wear our life vests in order to be safe, and, of course, legal.


We have life vests for youths who are 50 - 90 lbs.  Any child over 90 lbs. will wear an adult universal life vest.  Any child under 50 lbs. must have a life vest provided by their parents/guardian and a waiver must be signed stating that they take full responsibility for the child and any resulting situations or accidents.  We sell water wings for very young children along with tubes and noodles -- but, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times to protect their safety.


Sad to say, dogs are not allowed on our equipment.


One last mention -- alcohol is not allowed in the State Park.  And, of course, aggressive behavior, foul words, etc., doesn't really add to a great vacation day in the sun -- if someone is out of control, please tell us and we will get in touch with the Park authorities.  That said, "Come on down to the Beach, Y'All!"

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Our journey begins with you.  We are a husband and wife team who have a great love of the outdoors and Kentucky's free spirit.  We are seasonal from May to Sept. or Oct. (weather permitting).  Come grow with us and enjoy one of Kentucky's finest areas -- book your reservations by phone (862) 686-9049 or at this website -- on the contact us page (at the end of the menu bar)

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